Comparative study of depression, anxiety and stress between athletics and nonathletic elderly in 1392

Nosratolah Montazeri, Mohammad Hossein Sorbi, Sayed Mojtaba Ahmadi, Shirin yazdanpoor



Background and Aim: As a respect of increasing the number of elderly in societies, the importance and upraising of body and psyche's health among elderly is one of the important
pillars in each government. The government should try its best in order to preserve its inhabitant's wellbeing and hygiene by accurate planning for recognizing the wellbeing factors and reinforcing the superior plans in this age group. Being nonathletic is a factor for decreasing the operation and injuring the body's health, so in this research we have decided to comparison of exercising on elderly depression, anxiety and stress among athletic and nonathletic groups.
Materials and Methods: This casual- comparative study had been done on 142 elderly in Kermanshah city that the accessible sampling method was selected. The used tools were general information questionnaire (Demography) and also depression, anxiety and stress (DASS- 21).
SPSS21 software, descriptive statistic method (mean, standard deviation, and percent), deductive (T- test and Chi- square) were used for analyzing the data.   
Results: Analyzing data by using T-test for independent groups shows that the amount of stress, depression and anxiety among athletic elderly is noticeably less than nonathletic group (p<0/05).
Conclusion: The results of this study showed that elderly athletes had depression, anxiety and stress much smaller than their non-athletic peers. Exercising is being recognized as a factor for  better somatic operation, increasing longevity and also preferment of mental health. So the
mental health of elderly can be increased a lot by making favorable sportive and social places.
Key words: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Athletic, Elderly

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