Determination of factors affecting computer based assessment for selective attention in children at first grade of primary school

Farzaneh Yazdani, Malahat Akbarfahimi, Afsoon Hassani Mehraban, Shohreh Jalai



Background and Aim: The role of selective attention in promotion of learning and memory, particularly in academic success, is very important. Computerized assessment of attention recently, due to its high precision and attraction, is being deliberated by many researchers. The purpose of this study was to determine the factors influencing the computer based assessment of selective attention in children with 7 to 8 years old.


Materials and Methods: In this descriptive study 20 experts in five specialized fields related to cognitive sciences and computer science were invited and ask them to Complete picture banks including 600 pictures and questionnaire including 10 questions related to type, shape, color, location, speed, orientation of target movement during watching picture on screen.


Results: The mean scores attributed by experts to each of the factors influencing selective attention and to any of the picture stimulus on computer based assessment were calculated. The scores to the type of stimulus, primary location, staic or dynamic and type of movement was 100% in agreement but related to the color of target and background and the time of target stimulus there was not complete agreement across all experts.


Conclusion: To make the computer based assessment for selective attention in children it is essential to consider the combination of impact factors. These factors should be considered in designing children's tasks or even computer games by inventors.


Keywords: child, computer based assessment, selective attention


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