Auditory processing disorders in elderly people

Ahmad-Reza Nazeri, Younes Lotfi, Abdollah Moosavi, Farzaneh Zamiri, Maryam Delfi



Background and Aim: Aging is one of the most essential priorities of health system in all countries. With respect to increased life expectancy in recent years, we must serve special focus on their needs. Aging has apparent functional effects on speech and hearing processing, the most robust of them is decreased speech discrimination ability, especially at diffuse fields. This study has tried to introduce the different kinds of auditory processing disorders according to recent clinical researches.


Material & Methods: Auditory processing deficit at elderly is representated as speech discrimination problem especially at noisy environments. 3 related factors are: peripheral hearing loss, cognitive declines and pure auditory processing disorders. Although these factors are intertwined but it is possible to study pure auditory processing deficits at elderly. Time processing & spatial processing deficits are two main causes.


Results: Hydrogen molecule as an antioxidant potentially has numerous benefits including rapid diffusion into tissues and cells. Also it is mild enough neither to disturb metabolic redox reactions nor to affect reactive oxygen species that function in cell signaling and the action mechanism of hydrogen molecule is performed via decrease of the enzymes involved in apoptosis and inflammation.


Keywords: Auditory Processing, Aging,Binaural Hearing, Temporal Resolution, Dichotic Hearing, Cognition

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