Determining the information needs of Faculty members and Post-graduate students at Rehabilitation Faculty of ShahidBeheshti of Medical University-2011(1390)

Laleh Joulahi, Seyyed-Mehdi Tabatabei, Khosro Khademi-Kalantari



Background and aims:

Understandingthe information needs ofFacultymembersandgraduate studentshas an impact  at raise and promotingknowledgeIf needsto beresolved. The peresent research aimed to determine the information needs of Facultymembers and post-graduate students at Rehabilitation Faculty of ShahidBeheshti of Medical University.

Materials and methods: The methodology was descriptive-sectional survay using a questionnaire includes 56 question that Theevaluation andvalidationIthas been approvedby pundits inlibrary scienceand Biostatistics. Reliability of which was measured 0.85 based on Chronbach’s alpha.The populationconsisted of93persons datawereanalyzedby18 spsssoftware.


Results: Finding show that(91.6%) of the populationchosedInternetas a first. (50.7%) of them goto the faculty libraryto provideinformation needs.  . Rate of using the Google was (86/9%) as the first and Other Options about (13%) .The firstprioritywas touseprint resources (73/3%), ScienceDirect (59/2%) and Pubmed  was (53/1%) . the most important hindrance in access to source was Low-speed internet ( 81.3%). Thetarget populationIn terms ofgenderThere was nosignificant difference intheneed for training(p= 0.236).BetweenFacultymembers and post-graduate students was nosignificantin terms ofusefulconferences (p=0.856).


Conclusion:Internetis themain sourceused to gaininformation byrespondents.Most sourceswereusedprint resources, search in google, sciencedirect and pibmed.Low-speed Internethas beena major problemrespondents.


Key words:Information needs; Facultymembers ;Post graduate students; Rehabilitation Faculty; Medical University


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