Determination of ratio of clavicle bone length to height in men and women 20-30 years old of Kerman

Seyed Hassan Eftekhar vaghefi, Leila Elyasi, hakimeh Akbari, Alireza Rashidzade, Azita zeiai, Shahrzad Eftekhar vaghefi



Background and Aim: In order to make a dimensional proportion between human and his equipment or environment, anthropometric data bank is essential. Anthropometry has an important role in industrial management and ergonomic design. This information is needed to be collected regularly in every society. The purpose of survey study was to determine the ratio clavicle to height and sex in adults, between ages 20-30 in Kerman.


Materials and Methods: In this descriptive and analytical study. Cluster sampling method was used to select the subjects. Participants were 800 Iranian people in Kerman: males (n=400) and females (n=400) who were randomly selected. We measured these parameters: the length of right and left Clavicle, shoulder width, length of right and left Upper extremity, height, weight. For anthropometric measurement metallic and plastic tape, goniometer, caliper and actually weighing scales were used.


Results: These result were showed, there is a meaningful relationship between the length of clavicle and height. According to our result, left Clavicle is longer than the right one in both men and women. Both right and left Clavicle are longer in men than women. (P<0.05)


Conclusion: The usage of anthropometric data in designing a product can reduce human errors and improve public health and qualification of products and efficient use of workplaces. Also used as a single bone, such as clavicle can be gender, age or the relationship between bone length and body weight were discovered. Also can be have a great use in forensics, biomedical engineering, ergonomics and the surgery.


Keywords: Anthropometry, clavicle, body dimension

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