The impacts of Pilates trainings on improvements of dynamic balance and gait performance in elderly men with falling background

Hasan Mohammadzade, Mehri Abedini, Saeed Rezaye, Hadis Safari



Background and Aim: Elderly are exposed to risk of poor balance, falling ground, gait dysfunction and the subsequent damage, loss of independence and premature death. Given the importance of balance to prevent falls and gait performance in daily activities, this study attempts to investigate effectiveness of Pilates trainings on improvements of dynamic balance and gait performance in elderly individuals with a history of falling ground.


Materials and Methods: This study was a quasi-experimental research which was done by pre-test and post-test method. The statistical population of study was elderly people of Tabriz (60 years and older). They were selected on a voluntary basis.Thirty people were randomly assigned to two groups (experimental and control) after entering the study. Prior to training, balance and gait performance and walking were tested using Berg balance test and functional evaluation of gait, respectively. Experimental group performed the Pilates training for eight weeks and Control group did their daily activities. Upon completion of training, both groups were assessed. Descriptive statistics and inferential statistics by using T test analysis were used for data analysis.


Results: The results showed that there is no significant difference between experimental and control groups in the Berg Balance and walking performance tests, but the experimental group outperformed the control group in post- test.


Conclusion: The obtained results confirm the role of Pilates exercises to improve balance and gait performance in older men with a history of falls. Because of no improvement in balance and gait performance of control subjects, we can attribute the improvement in balance and gait performance of the experimental group to the effect of these exercises.


Keywords: Pilates training, dynamic balance, gait performance, elderly men

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