Comparison of the effect of resistance training, whole body vibration and their combination on testosterone to cortisol ratio in young male football players

Mohammad Ali Azarbayjani, Aref Saiedi



Background and Aim: The effect of resistance training and whole body vibration on the response of anabolic and catabolic hormones is well studied. But the effect of both of these to testosterone and cortisol response is not clear. The aim of this study was to assess the effects of resistance training combined with Whole Body Vibration (WBV) on the ratio of testosterone to cortisol.

Materials and Methods: In semi experimental design, thirty young male football players were randomly allocated into three groups including WBV (n=10), resistance (n=10), and combination of the WBV and resistance exercise. The WBV group carried out one minute exercise and one minute rest totally for 10 minutes with a frequency of 50 Hz. tool, lateral displacement of 4 mm and in a semi-squat standing position. The resistance exercise was carried out with three-period ten exercises with 70% one repetition maximum (1RM) with a two-minute rest between each period. The resistance exercise included leg press and knee extension in sitting position. The third group performed the resistive exercise first and then the WBV. Blood samples were collected at prior to and hollowing exercise.

Results: The results showed a significant increase in cortisol. Regarding the total testosterone of the serum, it significantly increased only in the resistance exercise and the combination of resistance and WBV group. The testosterone to cortisol ratio reduced at the first four sessions, but increased following the last session only in the combination of the resistive and WBV group.

Conclusion: Increased cortisol , testosterone and the testosterone to cortisol ratio confirmed that a combination of both resistive and WBV will result in better enhancement of anabolic pathways.

Key words: Testosterone, Cortisol, Resistance exercises, Whole body vibration.

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