Development of Sustain attention development in sample of Iranian children

Vahid Nejati, Bahareh Barzegar, Pegah Pour Goldouz



Background and Aim: Attention plays an important role in an individual performance. The purpose of present study was to evaluate the development of sustain attention in a sample of Iranian children.

Materials and Methods: In the present cross sectional study, 220 7-10 years old elementary school students (aged 9.09±1.46 years) participated. Continuous Performance Test (CPT) performed for evaluation. One way ANOVA and post hoc tuckey tests were used for analysis.

Results: Findings showed that children age between 7 to 11 years were different in number of omission error and reaction time (p< 0.0001). There was no difference in commission error.

Conclusion: According to the results, we can conducted that as age increases omission error and reaction time decrease. Actually sustain attention increases with increasing age.

Key words: sustain attention, evolution, children


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