The Immediate Effects of Whole Body Vibration on Maximum Isometric Strength of Elbow Flexor Muscles in non-athletes and young Individuals

Fatemeh Maleki, Sedigheh Sadat Naimi, Khosro Khademi-Kalantari, Azadeh Shadmehr, Alireza AkbarzadehBaghban



Background and Aim:Whole Body Vibration is as an effective exercise modality for musculoskeletal structure that is combination with conventional resistance training, is effective in improving strength and power. So far, only a few studies have examined the effects of whole body vibration on upper limb muscle strength. In most studies the effects of whole body vibration was studied during push up directly on vibration plate. The aim of this study is to investigate the acute indirect effects of a single session of whole body vibration on maximum isometric strength of the elbow flexor muscles in non-athletes and young individuals.

Material and Method: Thirty healthy and non-athletes volunteers were randomly assigned into two groups of Whole body vibration (N=15) and control group (N=15). Maximal isometricstrength of the elbow flexor muscles of the whole body vibration group beforeand after vibration (3 sets of 45 seconds, 50 Hz and low amplitude) wasmeasured using transducer. In the control group, the same procedure was carried out without vibration.

Result: Whole body vibration enhances isometric strength of the elbow flexor muscles significantly (P=.004).

Conclusion: It seems that the short-term and one session of whole body vibration, which indirectly apply, is an effective method in increasing isometric strength of elbow flexor muscles . Also, if you use whole body vibration with the functional forms of other exercises, better result will be achieved.

Key Words: Whole body vibration, maximum isometric strength, elbow muscles


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