A Review Study on Effective Factors in Prevention of Falling and Osteoporosis Fracture in Elderly People

Roghayeh Esmaieli, Zhila Abed Saeedi, Mehrdad Esmaili, Jalil Kaveh



Background and Aim

The geriatric process consists of stages of progressive and unrevisable changes during the life.This change starts from the age of 35 to 40, but usually a person over 60 years old is considered as elderly. With regard to the geriatric physiopathology process, osteoporosis and the following bone fracture caused by a fall, is one of the most common and serious problems in elderly people. Other important factors responsible for old people`s bedridden at hospital are respectively as follow:femoral fractures, sub durra hemorrhage, and injury or damage of brain. Only after being involved in a problem or injury the elders notice the risk factors and the ways to prevent them. Therefore,the investigation and recognition of precaution measures are necessary in case of osteoporosis and falling in elder people. The primary prevention of falling in elderly people is the prevention of osteoporosis. Therefore, screening of peripheral and central bone density is necessary for those

who are at risk.

The present article is a review study which has been prepared by gathering and reviewing thirty articles about recognition of risk factors and preventing osteoporosis and falling down in elderly people.From review of literature it was concluded that the following measures should be taken in order to prevent the elderly people from any kind of injury:

A - Identification and Assessment of elderly people with high risk exposure

B - Decreasing or eliminating the risk factors by:

- Body & physical exercise

- Taking tablets

- Appropriate diet

- Multiple interventions

Key Words: elderly people, bone Fracture, Falling, Prevention

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/r.m.v1i4.4999


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