The effects of a three-week resistance exercise plus whole body vibration (WBV) on the

MohammadAli Fathi, MohammadAli Azarbayjani, Maghsoud Peeri, Aref Saiedi, Hossein Fatollahi



Background and Aim: Researchers have already reported the hormonal responses of the effects of isolated resistance exercise or whole body vibration (WBV). However, no documents are available on the combination of the resistance exercise plus WBV on biomarkers, particularly salivary α-amylase activity as well as free testosterone to cortisol ratio (FTCR).

Materials and Methods: To discover this, thirty young football players were randomly allocated into three WBV (n=10), resistance exercise (n=10), and a combination of both (n=10). The subjects took nine sessions of exercise during a three-week period. The WBV included one minute exercise

followed by one minute rest for 10 minutes with 50 Hz frequency, four mm. transverse translation andin semi-squat standing condition. The resistive exercise included three-period exercises with 70% one-maximal repetition with a two-minute rest interval. The third group carried out the resistance exercise firstly and then WBV. The pre / post salivary samples were collected.


It showed that the concentration of the cortisol and the salivary α-amylaseactivity increased significantly. The testosterone increased among all groups following the first session, but significantly decreased at the last session. The statistical analysis showed a significant increase in cortisol

concentration only in WBV group (p=0.004).

Conclusion: The results confirmed that hormone secretion requires an acceptable threshold of both intensity and duration of training. In addition, secretion of the α-salivary amylase responses to various physiologic stresses immediately. In submaximal exercises, there is probably no difference among training techniques, WHB and strengthening exercises. The current study also emphasizes on salivary α-amylaseactivity immediately following physiological stresses.

Key words: Testosterone, Cortisol, Saliva, Resistance exercises, Whole body vibration

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