A comparative study of the effect of soft and hard cervical collars on static postural

Minoo Khalkhali Zavieh, MirHamed Edalat-Haghi, Khosro Khademi-Kalantari, Abbas Rahimi, Mehdi Rezaee, Seyyed Mehdi Tabatabaee



Background and Aim:

  Using cervical collars is one of the treatment methods for releaving cervical pain. The effect of limb orthotics on proprioception and postural stability has been suggested. There is not sufficient studies about the effect of cervical collars on static and dynamic stability, and the effect of soft and hard collars have not been compared with one another. The objective of this study is investigating and comparing the immediate effect of soft and hard cervical collars on static postural stability in healthy young subjects.

 Methods & Materials:  In standing position on firm surface with closed eyes, both soft and hard collars decreased the stability and there was not any significant difference among collars. In standing positions on soft surface with closed and opened eyes, using none of the soft and hard collars did not change the stability. 

This quasi experimental study through repeated measure method has been conducted on 65 healthy young male and female college students. Static stability was evaluated by modified Clinical Test for Sensory Interaction and Balance (CTSIB) in conditions without collar and by soft and hard cervical collars and were compared between the conditions.


 Conclusion: Our results suggest that in static conditions, without vision, both collars decrease the stability in healthy young subjects. So considering the evaluation of stability and prevention of balance disturbance during the collar prescription seems to be necessary.

Key words:

 cervical orthothics, soft collar, hard collar, static stability 

Full Text:



DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/r.m.v1i4.4983


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