Effects of using hallux valgus (HV) splint, HV splint plus exercise or HV

Abbas Rahimi, Mehdi Rezaee, Reza Behrouzi



Background and Aim:The dramatically increased incidence of hallux valgus (HV) deformity is

more related to the cultural rather than genetic parameters. Satisfaction rate following either conservative or surgical treatments are very low. The current study aimed to compare the effects of three commonly used conservative treatments including hallux valgus (HV) splint, HV splint plus electrical stimulation (ES) currents, or HV splint plus exercise to treat this deformity.

Materials & Methods: Results: Conclusion: Key Words: Hallux valgus - Splint – Exercise – Electrical stimulationAlthough using a HV splint alone could not significantly reduce the HVA, mixing it with either exercise or ES could significantly expedite its corrective effects. It should be mentioned that correction of the deformity was not always associated with decreasing the subjects’ pain, which might be due to the immediate counter force of the splint. Repeating the study with a long follow-up time is recommended.The results of the current study showed a non-significant 4.7% reduction of HVA in Splint group (p=0.12). However, 15.4% reduction of HVA occurred in Splint plus Exercise group, which was significant (p=0.005).The subjects used Splint plus Electrical stimulation showed a significant 13.9% reduction in HVA (p=0.008). Furthermore, AOFAS scores of the subjects revealed no significant differences among treatment groups in terms of pain reduction.Thirty-six university students with a mild to moderate HV deformity were recruited in this study. Before starting the study, anterior-posterior view radiographies were taken from their feet. HV angle (HVA) less than 20º was considered as normal, between 21-25º as mild, between 26-40 º as moderate and higher than 40 degrees was considered as a sever HV deformity. Then, the subjects were divided into three groups (n=12) and were randomly placed into Splint, Splint plus Exercise, and Splint plus Exercise plus ES groups for 6 weeks. At the end of week six, the radiographies were repeated and the pre/post treatments HVA were compared.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/r.m.v1i3.4641


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