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Relationship between forward head posture with neck pain and disability

Zeinab Raoofi, Javad Sarrafzadeh, Anita Emrani, Arsalan Ghorbanpour




Introduction: One of the most common poor postures in the head and neck region is the forward head posture (FHP). It seems that improper posture for a long period of time causes abnormal physiological load on the neck. Thus, the result can be neck pain (NP). The aim of this study was to compare the relationship between intensity of FHP and a history as well as intensity of NP plus disability in the cervical region. Material and Methods: A total of 32 female students with FHP and history of mild NP participated in this study. The craniovertebral angle (CVA) was measured by taking photos via a digital camera in standing and sitting positions. Intensity of pain was investigated using the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) and the severity of disability was tested with Neck Disability Index (NDI). Results: The Pearson's correlation coefficient was used to investigate the association between the CVA, VAS, NDI, and duration of neck pain. There was a significant positive relationship between the CVA in standing and sitting positions along with a negative correlation between CVA in both standing and sitting positions and the intensity as well as history of NP and severity of disability. Conclusion: Proper postural habits can contribute to prevention of NP. Also, postural correction training in subjects with FHP and NP, in addition to pain decrement methods, can help to reduce pain and disability in these subjects.

Keywords: Forward Head, Head Posture, Neck Pain, Neck Disability Index


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