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A Report on Results of a Qualitative Study on the Factors affecting the Implementation of Clinical Back Pain Guide

Mohsen Abedi, Seyed Javad Mousavi




Introduction: Today, the use of clinical guidelines is increasing. Unfortunately, their use in therapeutic clinics is facing barriers.   The purpose of this study is to investigate the barriers to the use of clinical guidelines to try to resolve them. Methods and Materials: Qualitative study method was used to study the barriers of using clinical guidelines. 15 physiotherapists from the private and public centers of Tehran participated in the study. In one interview, all of their comments were recorded in relation to the clinical management of back pain. Results: After interviewing each other, their views were summarized and eventually classified into five groups. Conclusions: Despite the positive attitude of interviewed people towards using clinical guidelines, the results showed that there are significant barriers in this regard. Some of the most important barriers are: Content validity of the guide , Individual attitudes , Authorities influencing the implementation process , Financial factors and Publishing and implementation strategy

Keyword : Low Back Pain Guideline, Guideline Implementation, Impliments Barriers

DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/jcpr.v3i4.24551


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