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The Effect of Selected Exercise Program on Musculoskeletal Pain of Neck and Shoulder in Violinist

Neda Alinia, Ali Asghar Norasteh, Ali Shamsi Majlan, Hamed Zarei




Introduction: Violinists spend considerable amount of time on daily exercises. Consistency of playing the instrument at a stationary position during daily exercises leads to skeletal disorders. This phenomenon is characterized by episodic pain and mal-alignment. Shoulder and neck pains have been seen as a common symptom among violinists. Materials and Methods: The methodology of the current research is based on pre-test and post-test methods. Statistical population of this research has been chosen randomly from female violinists in Guilan Province, Iran. Thirteen female violinists participated in this study (age: 24.76±4.79, weight: 63.38±16.47, height: 168.53±6.27, BMI: 23.61±3.1). Standardized Nordic questionnaires for the analysis of musculoskeletal symptoms and Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) to determine pain’s severity were utilized respectively. To testify data normalization, Shapiro-wilk method was adopted. For evaluating the training effectiveness on shoulders and neck pain, T-test for normal data and Wilcoxon for abnormal data were employed respectively. Results: The result of the study showed a significant reduction of pain after 8 weeks of training (P= 0.001). Conclusion: In conclusion, performing the training program can lead to shoulder and neck pain reduction in violinists. Given the limitation of the current study, further study will be required to achieve more comprehensive final results.

Keyword: Selected Exercises; Violinist; Shoulder Pain; Neck Pain


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