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The Effect of 6-Week Core Stabilization Training with Thera-band on Static Balance, Pain, Functional Disability, and Energy Expenditure in Females with Mechanical Chronic Low Back Pain

Parvin Eydi Mazraei, Seyyed Ghasem Hosseini, Hossein Dadgar, Mohammad Taghi Karimi




Introduction: The purpose of this study was evaluating the effect of core stabilization trainings with Thera-band on energy expenditure, static balance, pain, and functional disability in patients with mechanical low back pain (MLBP). Material and Methods: A total of 30 women with MLBP (height 163.9±4.73, weight 60.4±2.17, age 27±2.6) participated in this research. Pain severity, functional disability, static balance, and energy expenditure were measured using VAS, Oswestry, Force plate, and Polar activity watch, respectively. To analyze data ANCOVA was used (P<0.05). Results: Data analysis with ANCOVA revealed a significant difference in the training group for VAS and Oswestry measures, but no significant difference was observed in static balance and the consumed energy (P<0.05). Conclusion: According to the research findings, it can be concluded that core Stabilization training with Thera-band can be used to improve the pain and functional disability of patients with MLBP.

Keywords: Energy Expenditure, Energy Expenditure, Low Back Pain, Static Balance, Functional Disability, Force Plate, Polar Activity Watch, VAS, Oswestry


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