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Explaining the Structural Model of Social Anxiety Based on Early Maladaptive Schemas and Family Performance

Himan Naderzadeh, Mahdieh Salehi, Marjan Ja’fari Roshan, Roya Kochak Entezar



Background: The purpose of study was to determine the mediation role of early maladaptive schemas in the relationship between family performance and social anxiety features of students.
Materials and Methods: This study utilized a descriptive correlational design and statistical population of this study was included of all students of Marivan city, with the quantity of 4134 in 2016-2017, through them by an available sampling, 400 students were selected. Research tools were family assessment device by Epstein et al (1983), schema questionnaire- short form by Young (1990), social anxiety by Connor et al (2000).
Results: Results showed that early maladaptive schemas mediate the relationship between family performances and social anxiety features (β=0.52, p=0.001).
Conclusion: Since parental behaviors is one of the most important affecting factors on early maladaptive schemas and formulation of social anxiety features subsequently; Therefore it is necessary for the prevention and treatment of social anxiety disorder pay special attention to the parent’s behaviors and early maladaptive schemas.


Early maladaptive schemas, Family performance, Social anxiety features


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