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The Study on Possible Gene Therapy on Diabetics Type I Using Insulin Gene under Control of Heat Shock Promoter in Laboratory Animals

Keyvan Ramezani, Shivasadat Gheflat, Vahid Jajarmi, Mojgan Bandehpour, Bahram Kazemi




Background: Gene therapy is one of the treatment method for diabetes mellitus. An insulin gene, under control of heat shock inducer promoter was used in the study.

Materials and Methods: Six mice used in this study. Streptozotocin (STZ) induced diabetes mellitus in BALB/C mice and rats. Recombinant plasmid was injected to each animal. Animal’s blood sugar (BS) was measured. Warming was done at injection site with a hair dryer to induced gene expression.

Results: Immediately after warming blood sugar was increased in mouse 1 and decreased after one hour. However, blood sugar increased again in mice 2 and 4. Blood sugar increased for two hours after warming in mouse 3. Blood sugar increased to 150 mg/dl after STZ injection and immediately after warming reached to 160 mg/dl, after one hour BS dropped to 116 mg/dl and on the second hour was 126 mg/dl, in mouse 5 BS had an increasing trend, BS in mouse 6 had a similar pattern to mouse 2.

Conclusion: With fixing the defects of the project will be used in gene therapy in future.


Diabetes, Gene therapy, Streptozotocin


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/nbm.v7i2.21934