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A Young Immunocompetent Cytomegalovirus Retinitis Patient

Rahim Naseri, Shahnaz Sali, Anita Yazdani, Salime Peyghan






Background: Rare cases if CMV retinitis were presented in immunocompetent patients (Nine cases)

Cases Report: A 23 years old man with chief complain of sudden decrease of visual acuity and floater in left eye was under investigation. He was immunocompetent patient without any human immunodeficiency virus and immunosuppression diseases. He was diagnosed as a case of cytomegalovirus retinitis and was treated by intraviteral Ganciclovir. His choroid retinitis was improved after treatment.

Conclusion: in retinal vasculitis before approaching anti-inflammatory or anti-VEGF therapy ophthalmologists should take into account infectious causes.


CMV, Retinitis, HIV, Ganciclovir, Macula


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