The effect of iron- gold core shell magnetic nanoparticles on the sensitization of breast cancer cells to irradiation

Hamidreza Kheiri Manjili, Hossein Naderi-Manesh, Maedeh Mashhadikhan, Leila Ma'mani, Safoora Nikzad, Sharafaldin al mussawi



Herein, iron-gold core shell magnetic nanoparticles Fe@Au NPs was investigated as contrasting agent in radiation therapy in the breast cancer. Assessment of cytotoxic and radio sensitizing potential was done by MTT method and Flow cytometry. Radiation was done using Co 60 source. The response of cells to treatment with radiation alone and radiation with nanoparticles was assessed. The study demonstrates that Fe@Au nanoparticles do not have considerable cytotoxic effects, but they increase the effectiveness of radiation that means the survival of the group without nanoparticles exposed to 5 Gy radiations is 75%while the group with nanoparticles is 33%. With 2 Gy radiations the survival of the two groups are 87% and 80% respectively.                                                                                


Exposure; Iron-gold core shell nanoparticles; Radio sensitizing.

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