A Survey on General Health among students of guidance schools

Seyyed Rahmatollah Mousavi Moghadam, Masoumeh Imanzad, Hamed Tavan, Koroush Sayemiri, Khadijeh Soghra Amini



In recent years, the prevalence of mental disorders has increased and the prevalence of 18-23% is reported for Iran. This study aims to evaluate psychological aspect of general health status of children in Ilam city, located in Iran using a questionnaire. This study is a descriptive-comparative research that measures general health of boys and girls in schools. The required information is obtained by means of the GHQ-28 standard questionnaire which distributed among 118 children. The general health is divided into four categories, in which the dangerous group receives the higher scores in the range of 64-84. The SPSS software is used for data analysis. The sample consisted of 64 (54%) boys and 54 (46%) girls and overall score of children are classified into four categories. Among the samples, 38 participants (32.2%), 61 children (51.7%), 17 children (14.7%) and two persons (1.7%) are received the scores of 0-21, 22-42, 43-63 and 64-84, respectively. Also, the statistical association is observed between age, grade and general health of participants (P <0.05). Relatively large numbers of children possessed good general health status. It is found that as age of participant is increased its general health degrades.



General Health; Mental Disorders; Children; GHQ-28

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/jps.v5i2.5773


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