Zinc status in Cardiovascular patients in the north of Islamic Republic of Iran

Morteza Rahbar-Taramsari, Marjan Mahdaviroshan, Bijan Shad, Mehrdad Sadegi, Maryam Shakiba



Studies have demonstrated that zinc plays an important role in development of cardiovascular diseases in Western populations. But there is little data for other racial groups. This study was aimed to investigate the association between serum zinc and coronary artery disease (CAD) in Iranian subjects.This study was conducted on 81 subjects,which referred to Heshmat Hospital of Guilan province , Iran, for routine coronary angiography from June to August 2011. Subjects were assigned into 2 groups; 41 CAD patients.case and 40 healthy subjects in control group. Data about smoking habit,physical activity, dietary intake and anthropometric indices were collected by questionnaire. Serum zinc was measured by atomic spectroscopy.The serum zinc concentrations were significantly lower in case group than control (p<0.05). The mean serum zinc concentration in the case and control group was 73.50±1.61μg/dl and 78.47±1.66μg/dl, respectively. subjects  that lives in  rural area had 7.11-fold higher CAD risk in compare to subjects lives in urban  after adjustment for confounder factors,they also had lower zinc concentration than urban (p<0.05). in our study With increasing in serum zinc concentration CAD risk decrease 0.94-fold.Zinc concentration had significant correlation with age (r= -0.23   p<0.05), weight (r=0.26   p<0.05)  and  Place for living (r=- 0.22  p= 0.04).There were no significant correlation between the dietary intake , Waist circumference ,smoking and serum zinc concentration in our study.Serum zinc concentration was significantly lower in the north of Islamic Republic of Iran patients with abnormal versus those with a normal angiogram. It seems Serum zinc concentration correlate with some risk factors for coronary artery disease


zinc; CAD; weight; smoking habit; Waist circumference; diet

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/jps.v4i3.4660


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