Cellular orientation on micro-patterned biocompatible PHBV film

Esmaeil Biazar, Zhengzhuo Zhang, Saeed Heidari Keshel



 Cellular orientation control is important for tissue regeneration. Design of oriented structures for cells with suitable features can be used in tissue engineering. One of the methods of cellular orientation with the aim of regenerating which damaged tissues is utilizing oriented biocompatible substrates. Different methods can be used to design these structures such as utilizing magnetic fields, electrospinned oriented fibers or methods such as directional solidification. This paper investigates the influence of grooved substrate-mediated physical guidance on the growth and alignment of cells in vitro. A novel technique was developed to fabricate microgrooves on biodegradable polymer substrates made of poly hydroxyl buthyratevalerate. Solvent-castings were used to transfer micro patterns from quartz and silicon substrates onto biodegradable polymer films. The cells were successfully oriented on micro grooved polymeric substrate which can be used for axon guidance and nerve regeneration.


Micro Patterned Polymers; Biodegradable Polymers; PHBV; Fibroblast Cells

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/jps.v1i4.2276


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