RPNCH: A method for constructing rooted phylogenetic networks from rooted triplets based on height function

Mohammad Hossein Reyhani, Hadi Poormohammadi



     Phylogenetic networks are a generalization of phylogenetic trees which permit the representation the non-tree-like events. It is NP-hard to construct an optimal rooted phylogenetic network from a given set of rooted triplets. This paper presents a novel algorithm called RPNCH. For a given set of rooted triplets, RPNCH tries to construct a rooted phylogenetic network with the minimum number of reticulation nodes that contains all the given rooted triplets. The performance of RPNCH algorithm on simulated data is reported here.


Rooted phylogenetic network; Rooted Triplet; Density; Height function; Reticulation node

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/jps.v8i4.16707


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