Assessment of dietary pattern of adolescents in Himachal Pradesh of India

Gopa Das, Raj Pathania, Goutam Das



     Dietary knowledge and access to resources are critical to improve health and nutritional status in a sustainable way. The present study was conducted to assess the dietary pattern and associated intake of different essential nutrients and vitamins by adolescents in Himachal Pradesh of India. A sample of 150 adolescents in the age group of 11-19 years from the two selected blocks (Panchrukhi and Bhawarna) of Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh was selected randomly to collect information on dietary habits, frequency of eating out, type of fat used for cooking, food fads and fallacies and different nutrients intake across genders. It was found that majority of the male and female adolescents took meals three times a day and preferred home prepared foods. Females were mostly vegetarian whereas males were non- vegetarian. Majority of the male and female adolescents liked fried foods compared to pressure and fire wood cooked foods. Adolescents preferred foods fried in raw mustard oil. Majority of the respondents did not have any restrictions and beliefs regarding consumption of any type of food. There was significant difference in the mean intake of different essential nutrients and vitamins between the male and female adolescents reflecting prevalence of disparity in nutritional status across genders. Intake of most of the nutrients and vitamins by male and female adolescents were below the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) of Indian Council of Medical Research.  


Dietary pattern; Nutrient intake; Food fads and fallacies and Adolescents

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