Intraorbital Arteriovenous Malformation Treated by Transcatheter Embolization; a Case Report

Mohammad Etezad Razavi, Sirous Nekooei, Shahram Afzali



Purpose: To report the clinical and radiological findings and management of a patient with intraorbital arteriovenous malformation (AVM) treated by transcatheter embolization of the feeding artery.

Case Report: A 15-year-old female patient was referred with a one year history of left eye proptosis without prior trauma. Orbital CT scan and MRI demonstrated a large intraconal mass lesion extending to the extraconal space in the inferior orbit; angiograms revealed an intraorbital AVM. Superselective catheterization of the feeding artery and embolization with absorbable gelatin particles (Gelfoam) and non-absorbable polyvinyl alcohol particles were performed in two separate sessions followed by surgical debulking. Signs and symptoms were diminished after 14 months.

Conclusion: Intraorbital AVMs can be treated by embolization of the feeding artery followed by surgical removal of the AVM nidus when the lesion is accessible.

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