Predictive validity of the comprehensive basic science examination mean score for assessment of medical students' performance

Firouz Behboudi, Zahra Panahandeh



Background Medical: education curriculum improvements can be achieved bye valuating students performance. Medical students have to pass two undergraduate  comprehensive  examinations,  basic  science  and  preinternship,  in fran.

Purpose To measure validity of the students'  mean score in comprehensive basic science exam (CBS£) for predicting their pe1jormance in later curriculum phases.

Methods: This descriptive  cross-sectional study  was conducted  on  95  (38  women  and  55  men) Guilan  medical university students.  Their  admission  to the  university  was 81% by regional  quota  and  12% by shaheed and  other organizations'  share. They first enrolled in 1994 and were able to pass CBS£  at first try. Data on gender,  regional quota, and average grades of CBS£,  PC, and CPIE were collected by a questionnaire.  The calculations  were done by SPSS package.

Results: The correlation  coefficient  between  CBS£  and  CPIE  mean  scores  (0.65)  was  higher  than  correlation coefficient between CBS£  and PC mean scores (0.49). The predictive validity of CBS£  average  grade was significant for students'  perfonnance in CPJE,· however, the predictive validity ofCBSE mean scores for students  I pe1jormance in PC was lower.

Conclusion:he  students'   mean  score  in  CBS£   can  be  a  good  denominator  for  their  further  admission.   We recommend further research to assess the predictive validity for each one of the basic courses.

Keywords:  predictive validity, comprehensive basic exam


predictive validity, comprehensive basic exam

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