A Review of four Basic Medical Education Accreditation Systems

Amir Maziar Niaei, Fatemeh Shahla Nazaran, Bahram Einollahi, Fakhrosadat Hosseini, Mohammad Nouri Avarzamani, Ramin Homayouni Zand



In today's  world, quality improvement  of basic medical education is a must for training  physicians  who are able  to meet  the growing  health  needs  of  our  society.  One  way for quality  assurance  in higher education including medical education is to develop a system of accreditation  which has been in medical education authorities ' constant focus recently. This article is a review of national accreditation system of LCME, AMC, AMFEM and international accreditation system of WFME. In these systems an autonomous body conducts accreditation. The questionnaires, developed based on established  standards, are sent to the institute  requesting  accreditation.  The institute completes  its database  to fill the questionnaire  and reports the results of self study and data analysis to the accreditation  body. A team of experts  from the accreditation  body visits the institute educational facilities and clinical training centers and reports their assessment results to accreditation  body. The accreditation body makes final decision on accreditation.

Keywords accreditation, wfme, amc, amfem, lcme


accreditation, wfme, amc, amfem, lcme

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/jme.v1i4.923

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