Medical students' attitude of their success rate in clerkship period in Birjand University of Medical Sciences

Mohammad Reza Hadjyabady, Araz Ghourchaie



Background With regard to accelerated progresses in the world of science and technology, as well as changes in the needs of the society, medical education should be a developing process. One of the main factors that can promote education from a static to a dynamic and effective state is evaluation.

Purpose The purpose of the present survey is to determine the rate of success of medical students passing their clerkship in Birjand University of Medical Sciences from their own views of attaining educational goals of Urology Department.

Methods The study is descriptive-analytical and has been performed on 50 medical students in Birjand

University of Medical Sciences. Having determined the validity as well as the reliability of the question­naires, we used them to collect the data.

Results Participants were 37 men (74%) and 13 women (26%). T-test demonstrated a significant statical difference between male and female students in practical management of cases in urology ward (p<0.03).

significant.  Better practical performance was evident when the students take practical approach, in addition to looking and listening. Also, if students used various methods of teaching and learning, they would better manage cases.

Conclusion The rate of medical students' success in their clerkship period for educational goals of urology was good. However, providing required facilities for giving instructions on clinical skills such as educational clinical workshops, clinical skill workshops and clinical skills centre, educational films and bed­ side practice under supervision of professors, will promote the fulfilment of educational goals.

Key word educational goals, medical students, urology ward


educational goals, medical students, urology ward

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