A simple method for instructing protein structure for medical students: acase review

Durdi Qujeq



In the process of learning basic biochemistry, as in any a/her area, much extra class work is required for students before basic concepts. such as !hose concerning  protein structure and properties, are firmly seuled. To reach this end we have developed a simple instruction method to teach protein structure in, biochemistry courses for medical students. The objectives of this method are to illustrate some aspects of to allow students to gain competence by learning a number of biochemical and 'collar biology teaching techniques easy enough to carry out to ensure a successful outcome: and to u1ow students to become skilled in processing, presenting and discussing data  obtained directly by themselves. or furnished by the instructor. The method of this paper can be successfully used to illustrate, explain and characterize most of the physical and chemical properties of proteins.

Key Words protein special structure, illustrative teaching technique


protein special structure, illustrative teaching technique

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