Educational needs assessment of Mashad University of Medical Sciences’ managers in management and leadership

A Emad Zade, H Karimi Mounaghi, H Bahreini Tousi, A Derakhshan, Sh Seddigh Behzadi, M Sadeghi, H Darroudi



Background: The first step in human resource development is educational need assessment. A sound knowledge of managerial roles and skills is vital for a successful management in the educational system.
Purpose: To determine the educational needs of managers and directors of Mashad Medical University in filed of educational management and leadership.
Method: A survey of a 40-person sample of the university managers including deans and vice deans for education of the faculties and the heads of educational groups the data were analyzed with SPSS.
Results: The mean age of the sample was 47.2(±7.5) and the mean duration of serving in managerial positions were 5.4(±3.6).The most needed items to be taught were identified as strategic planning in management, setting educational goals, deciding whether the ability to be a manager is inborn or must be acquired, main problems in educational planning and surveillance techniques, educational guidance, system analysis and educational evaluation.
Characteristics of educational advisors were also of great importance.
Conclusion: Our study showed that educational managers were aware of their need for further development of a sound basis of managerial knowledge.
Key words: Need assessment, educational needs, educational managers.


Need assessment, educational needs, educational managers

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