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Vol 7, No 4 (2016)


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Table of Contents

Review Article

Laser Science and its Applications in Prosthetic Rehabilitation PDF XML
Revathy Gounder, Srinivasan Gounder 209-213

Original Article

Effect of femtosecond laser treatment on effectiveness of resin-zirconia adhesive: an in vitro study. PDF XML
María Vicente Prieto, Ana Luisa Caseiro Gomes, Javier Montero Martín, Alfonso Alvarado Lorenzo, Vicente Seoane Mato, Alberto Albaladejo Martínez 214-219
Effect of Antimicrobial Photodynamic Therapy as an Adjunct to Nonsurgical Treatment of Deep Periodontal Pockets: A Clinical Study PDF XML
Abdul Ahad, Arundeep Kaur Lamba, Farrukh Faraz, Shruti Tandon, Kirti Chawla, Neha Yadav 220-226
A Split Mouth Randomized Clinical Comparative Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Gingival Depigmentation Procedure Using Conventional Scalpel Technique or Diode Laser PDF XML
Girish Suragimath, Mohini Hemant Lohana, Siddhartha Varma 227-232
The Effect of Probe Pressure on In Vivo Single Fiber Reflectance Spectroscopy PDF XML
Sanaz Hariri Tabrizi, Ali Akbar Shakibaei 233-237
The Antibacterial Effect of Additional Photodynamic Therapy in Failed Endodontically Treated Teeth: A Pilot Study PDF XML
Mohammad Asnaashari, Hamed Homayuni, Payam Paymanpour 238-242
Evaluation of the Effects of Er,Cr:YSGG Laser, Ultrasonic Scaler and Curette on Root Surface Profile Using Surface Analyser and Scanning Electron Microscope: An In Vitro Study PDF XML
Shipra Arora, Arundeep Kaur Lamba, Farrukh Faraz, Shruti Tandon, Abdul Ahad 243-249
Effect of Combined Therapy Using Diode Laser and Photodynamic Therapy on Levels of IL-17 in Gingival Crevicular Fluid in Patients With Chronic Periodontitis PDF XML
Abhishek Mistry, Richard Pereira, Vineet Kini, Ashvini Padhye 250-255

Case Report

White Fibrous Papulosis of the Neck Treated With Fractionated 1550-nm Erbium Glass Laser: A Case Report PDF XML
Saoraya Lueangarun, Ratchathorn Panchaprateep 256-258
Periosteal Releasing Incision With Diode Laser in Guided Bone Regeneration Procedure: A Case Series PDF XML
Neda Moslemi, Afshin Khorsand, Sepehr Torabi, Aysan Shahnaz, Yadollah Soleimani Shayesteh, Reza Fekrazad 259-264