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Removal of an Extra-large Irritation Fibroma With a Combination of Diode Laser and Scalpel

Sedigheh Bakhtiari, Jamileh bigom Taheri, Marziye Sehatpour, Mohammad Asnaashari, Saaedeh Attarbashi Moghadam




Introduction: Irritation fibroma is the most common tumor like and sub mucosal reactive lesion in the oral cavity. Usually it is measured less than 1.5 cm in diameter; however in rare case it has more than 3 cm in diameter. Different kind of treatment for soft tissue lesions include scalpel excision, electrical surgery, and laser surgery. The diode laser can be more effective than conventional surgery, electrosurgery and cryosurgery in reduction of bleeding and pain.

Case Report: We reported a very large irritation fibroma in right lingual side of retromolar pad which was less prone to be traumatized under local irritation, in a woman wearing maxillary complete denture and use of both diode laser and scalpel for its excision.


Diode laser; Excision; Fibroma


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