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The Efficiency of Laser Application on the Enamel Surface: A Systematic Review

Maryam Karandish




Used in conjunction with or as a replacement for traditional methods, it is expected that specific laser technologies will become an essential component of contemporary dental practice over the next decade. The current review is designed to focus on the acid resistance of laser application and tries to introduce laser settings capable to achieve this feature for clinical application. Application of laser for its acid resistance might be a valuable adjunct to conventional acid etching for susceptible sites in high caries risk patients such as patients with rampant caries, who cannot follow oral hygiene instructions due to their systematic disabilities, or those under orthodontic treatment with plaque retentive attachment on their teeth. The key words “enamel acid resistance” and “laser” were searched in PubMed. In brief, the current paper involves the results on 5 items: A summary on laser application; Suggested mechanisms of acid resistance; Different types of laser beams used in acid resistance; Comparison of application of different laser types; and Conclusion.


Acid Resistance; CO2 laser; diode laser; Er YAG lasers; Nd YAG lasers


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