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Effectiveness of Lasers in the Treatment of Dentin Hypersensitivity

Mohammad Asnaashari, Masoumeh Moeini




Dentin hypersensitivity (DH) is a relatively common painful condition among dental problems. Although many studies have been performed regarding the diagnosis and treatment of DH, dental practitioners are still confused about the definite diagnosis and treatment.The use of lasers as a treatment for dentin hypersensitivity was first introduced in 1985. Laser treatment in dentin hypersensitivity is an interesting and controversial issue and many investigations have been done on its mechanism of action, advantages, and unclear points. The present literature review tries to go over the definition, diagnosis, etiology, predisposing factors, various laser types in the treatment of DH alone or in combination with topical desensitizing agents. Since a certain treatment has not yet introduced for dentin hypersensitivity, a combination of laser therapy and topical desensitizing factors, can increase the success of the treatment compared with either treatments alone.


dentine hypersensitivity; laser therapies; Nd-YAG lasers; dentin desensitizing agents


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.22037/2010.v4i1.3868