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Using Diode Laser for Soft Tissue Incision of Oral Cavity

Reza Amid, Mahdi Kadkhodazadeh, Mohammadreza Talebi Ardakani, Somayeh Hemmatzadeh, Soheil Refoua, Parastoo Iranparvar, Anahita Shahi




INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this case report is to analyze the results of vestibuleplasty around an over-denture based on dental implants to determine the evidence on the effectiveness of laser-assisted surgery and soft tissue management in implant dentistry.

CASE REPORT: The patient in this case report was a 57 year- old male who was completely edentulous, with a mandibular over denture based on 4 standard implants suffering from pain on chewing, and a general discomfort, especially in anterior segment. He received a standard gingival augmentation surgery which failed to create sufficient vestibular depth. A laser-assisted vestibuloplasty was done to make the environment suitable for making a new overdenture.

CONCLUSIONS: There were clinically significant improvements in vestibular depth and peri implant soft tissue situation by laser. Also, bleeding during surgery was well controlled; the patient’s discomfort and pain were less than the first operation done with gingival graft. Based on our clinical data and review of the literature, an evidence-based approach to the use of lasers for the management of soft tissue in oral surgery is necessary. Simply, there is insufficient evidence to suggest that any specific wavelength of laser is superior to the traditional modalities of therapy. However, improved hemostasis and patient’s satisfaction can be considered as advantages of adjunctive laser therapy in some clinical situations like vestibuloplasty.


diode Laser; overdenture; vestibuloplasties


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/jlms.v3i1.2736

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