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Immediate Relief of TMJ Clicking Following Low Level Laser Therapy after Orthodontic Treatment A Case Report

Massoud Seifi, Elahe Vahid-Dastjerdi




INTRODUCTION:To determine efficacy of low level laser therapy for clicking temporomandibular joint (TMJ) with a diode laser following orthodontic treatment.

METHODS: Performance of LLLT with a diode laser for temporomandibular clicking and postoperative findings were evaluated in a case of an orthodontic patient following the termination of treatment. Patient had a history of severe clicking before initiation of treatment protocol. Low level diode laser (wave length 808 nm, power 0.7 watt, Time 60 seconds), applied for the purpose of relieving the signs.

RESULTS:During the process of intervention and establishing the proper dental occlusion sign of temporomandibular joint dysfunction i.e. clicking reduced significantly (p<0.05) but remained at the lowest level from the perspective of frequency and severity index. Patient had no sign and symptom at the end of treatment. Clicking was reemerged in the retention period, i.e. after six months. Clinical signs disappeared immediately after the application of laser once (p<0.05) with no recurrence after four months follow up.

CONCLUSION:Low level laser therapy serves as an adjuvant to orthodontic treatment while establishing the proper occlusion of stomatognathic system has pivotal role in function and stability of outcome.


Lasers; Laser Therapy, Low Level; Diode Laser; Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome; Case Reports


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