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Photodynamic Therapy: A Novel Ally for Surgical Endodontic Treatment? Case Report

Bruna Paloma de Oliveira, Andréa Cruz Câmara, Glauco dos Santos Ferreira, Sebastião Pedro Santos Neto, Patrícia Fernandes Cassimiro da Silva, Carlos Menezes Aguiar




Introduction: Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has emerged as a powerful tool for conventional
endodontic treatment, capable of eradicating microorganisms present in endodontic infections.
Despite this, the use of PDT in the surgical endodontic treatment is not well-known.
Case Report: This paper describes the case of a patient with asymptomatic apical periodontitis
in a mandibular incisor submitted to surgical endodontic treatment associated with PDT. After
conventional procedures, photosensitizer methylene blue (0.01%) was applied to the retrograde
cavity for 3 minutes, followed by irradiation with diode laser (100 mW and 660 nm) for 3
minutes. Six months after the procedure, the patient was asymptomatic, and the radiographic
examination showed healthy periradicular tissues.
Conclusion: The association of PDT with surgical endodontic treatment was effective, suggesting
that this therapy may provide additional benefits to patients when compared to the conventional
surgical technique.


Endodontics; photodynamic therapy; periradicular surgery.


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