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The Esthetic Crown Lengthening by Er;Cr:YSGG laser: A Case Series

Reza Fekrazad, Mohammad Moharammi, Nasim Chiniforush



Introduction: Laser technology as a new modality in dentistry has gained special attention. Among different types of lasers, erbium lasers have gained special attention for management of oral soft and hard tissue simultaneously. This study presents series of cases of crown lengthening (CL) and restorations accomplished by erbium, chromium: yttrium-scandium-gallium-garnet (Er,Cr:YSGG).
Case Reports: Seven patients were selected for this study. After complete oral examination and diagnosis, the treatment plan of each patient was designed. All cases needed esthetic CL. In some cases, frenum revision and class V cavity preparation was done by Er;Cr:YSGG laser. All patients treated with Er;Cr:YSGG laser producing a wavelength of 2780 nm (Biolase, Irvine, California, USA); Tip T4, 400 μm Diameter for soft tissue management and Tip G6, 6 mm long, 600 μm diameter for hard tissue management.
Results: All patients reflected acceptable results based on clinical evaluation and patients’ declaration of post-surgical status.
Conclusion: Using Er;Cr:YSGG laser in class v cavity preparation and flapless CL seemed to be effective and beneficial.


Er;Cr:YSGG laser; Crown lengthening; Esthetic; Frenectomy; Cavity.


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