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Development of Temperature Distribution and Light Propagation Model in Biological Tissue Irradiated by 980 nm Laser Diode and Using COMSOL Simulation

Kawthar Shurrab, Nabil Kochaji, Wesam Bachir




Introduction: The purpose of this project is to develop a mathematical model to investigate light distribution and study effective parameters such as laser power and irradiated time to get the optimal laser dosage to control hyperthermia. This study is expected to have a positive impact and a better simulation on laser treatment planning of biological tissues. Moreover, it may enable us to replace animal tests with the results of a COMSOL predictive model.
Methods: We used in this work COMSOL5 model to simulate the light diffusion and bio-heat equation of the mouse tissue when irradiated by 980 nm laser diode and the effect of different parameters (laser power, and irradiated time) on the surrounding tissue of the tumor treatment in order to prevent damage from excess heat
Results: The model was applied to study light propagation and several parameters (laser power, irradiated time) and their impact on light-heat distribution within the tumor in the mouse back tissue
The best result is at laser power 0.5 W and time irradiation 0.5 seconds in order to get the maximum temperature hyperthermia at 52°C.
Conclusion: The goal of this study is to simulate a mouse model to control excess heating of tissue and reduce the number of animals in experimental research to get the best laser parameters that was safe for use in living animals and in human subjects.


Laser irradiation; Diode laser; Optical-thermal; Experimental animal; Temperature distribution; Light propagation


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