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White Fibrous Papulosis of the Neck Treated With Fractionated 1550-nm Erbium Glass Laser: A Case Report

Saoraya Lueangarun, Ratchathorn Panchaprateep




Introduction: Despite its clinical features of multiple, confluent, small, whitish, smooth, and clear-demarcate papules on the neck and back, the pathogenesis of white fibrous papulosis of the neck (WFPN) is still unknown. The lesions increase progressively and do not regress over time. However, no effective treatment has yet been identified.

Case Report: We reported the successful results of a female patient receiving efficacious treatment for her extensive lesions of WFPN with nonablative fractional photothermolysis laser (Fractionated 1550-Erbium Glass laser).

Conclusion: This photothermolysis laser could then be suggestive as the therapeutic option for WFPN.




Papulosis; Laser; Treatment; White fibrous papulosis of the neck; Nonablative fractional photothermolysis laser; Fractionated 1550-Erbium Glass laser.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/jlms.v7i4.12521