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Twin pregnant woman with COVID-19: a case report

SeyedPouzhia Shojaei, Mehran Kouchek, Mir Mohammad Miri, Sara Salarian, Mohammad Sistanizad, Shideh Ariana, Maryamsadat Hosseini, Simindokht Shoaee, Mehrdad Haghighi, Mahmood Nabavi, Mohammad Farahbakhsh, Padideh Ansar, Mahsaalsadat Mirhadi, Fahimeh Hadavand




A Case of pregnant woman (G2Ab1, twin pregnancy with microinjection, Gestational Age 23 weeks and 3 days) referred to our center with a complaints of fever and dry cough and dyspnea. She was admitted with a diagnosis of COVID-19. During the hospitalization, O2 saturation progressively decreased, which led to patient get intubate. Gradual recovery with treatment occurred and the patient was extubed. Unfortunately, she was intubated again due to decreased O2 saturation, 5 days later. Liver enzymes increased, then both fetuses died intrauterine, the cardiac output then declined to 10% and the mother died within hours.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.22037/jcma.v5i1.29688


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