Large Bartholin's gland cyst in a premenarchal girl: a rare clinical finding

Nusret Popovic, Zlatan Zvizdic, Emir Milisic, Asmir Jonuzi, Azra Karamustafic



Disorders related to Bartholin's duct and glands affecting approximately 2% of women, mostly in reproductive years, and are very rare in premenarchal girls. Bartholin's gland cysts are most often small, not causing any symptoms and passed spontaneously. However, symptomatic larger cysts require medical treatment. Although there are many treatment modalities for this condition, the best approach is yet to be established. Treatment modalities of Bartholin's cyst include incision and drainage of the cyst, application of silver nitrate to the abscess cavity, curettage of the abscess cavity, placement of Word catheter, marsupialization, needle aspiration and alcohol sclerotheraphy, carbon dioxide laser excision and surgical gland excision. Here, we report a case of a large, soft, regular contoured painless Bartholin's cyst located in the left labia minora with a diameter of 8 x 5 cm in a 11-year-old premenarchal girl, treated by surgical gland excision after previous unsuccessful incision and aspiration of the cyst.


Bartholin's gland cyst, premenarchal children, treatment

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