Some Viewpoints about Apnea of Prematurity in Neonates under Inguinal Herniorrhaphy: A Brief Review

Mahin Seyedhejazi, Tohid Karami, Daryoush Sheikhzadeh, Behzad Aliakbari Sharabiani, Haleh Farzin



Inguinal hernia is more common in premature male babies. Using
General Anesthesia (GA) for the repair operation may cause apnea in
them. Caudal anesthesia on the other hand provides effective anesthesia
and analgesia without the complication of GA. Here we discuss different
methods of anesthesia in inguinal herniorrhaphy and their merits and


Induction of anesthesia; apnea; preterm; Inguinal Hernia; caudal anesthesia; neonate

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