Mild anterior displacement of the anus as a cause of Constipation, introduce a new modality for diagnosis.

Javad Nasiri, Fariba Jahangiri, Seyed Mojtaba Moussavi-khoshdel



Mild anteriordisplacement of the anus may be a cause of constipation, for detection of the anterior anus, the mean anal position index is used, in this study an other modality is introduced. Method: In this prospective study, the patients with intractable constipation with onset bellow one year of age, normal rectal manometry, normal rectal biopsy and abnormal shape of anal verge, were include in the study and the location of the anus was checked by muscle stimulator and according to the severity of the anteriority mini anorectoplasty or simpleY-V transposition of the anus was done.

Results: ten patients studied, all were female, mean age was 7 months, in 2 cases anorectoplasty and in the others Y-V anoplastywas done. All patients ultimately were cured.

Conclusion: using muscle stimulator in external sphincter is relaiable for detection of anterior displacement of the anus. Anorectoplasty or Y-V anoplasty for resolving constipation in these patients are effective.


Constipation, Anorectal malformation, Anterior anus

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