Esophageal burn injuries with alkali in children: A four year comprehensive analysis study

Ali Forotan, Mehrdad Soveyd, Abbas Banani, Seyed Hesamaddin Banihashemi, Hamidreza Forotan



Introduction: The incidence of caustic ingestion injuries in developed countries has been decreasing, while it still remains a great concern in developing countries including Iran. In this study we focused on alkali esophageal injuries in children which occur frequently in southern Iran, due to both, unsafe products and unfamiliarity of families with the alkali consumption hazards.

Materials and Methods: In a cross-sectional study, sixty four children who were admitted due to alkali ingestion atNemazee hospital, Shiraz, Iran during a 4 year period, were evaluated for hospital stay, hospital charges and number of admissions. Data were obtained from medical records and through a phone survey.

Results: All ingestions were unintentional. Children had a prolonged hospital stay (m=13.2 day) and needed multiple admissions (m=7.8 admission). The mean hospital charge was $14,580.00 USD for each patient.

Conclusion: High incidence and complications of alkali ingestion in south of Iran suggests a need for prompt preventive actions to stop the production of highly concentrated alkali and educating families for proper use of these substances.


Caustics; Ingestion; Children; Prevention

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