Burden of the central nervous system malignancies in Iran 2003

AR Zali--- Associated Professor of Neurosurgery Shahid Beheshti Medical University,
F Abolhassani--- Assistant Professor of “Endocrine and metabolism Research Center.” Tehran Medical University,
M Khayamzadeh--- Community Medicine Specialist Cancer Research Center- Shahid Beheshti Medical University.,
M Moradi Lake--- Community Medicine Specialist Assistant Professor of Iran Medical University,
A Jamali--- Community Medicine Specialist Assistant Professor of Iran Medical University,
R Salmanian--- Resident of Anestisiology – Iran Medical University.,
M Naghavi--- Epidemiologist (MD-PhD) Researcher- Ministry Of health and Medical Education.,
HR Mirzaei--- Radio therapy oncology specialist - Cancer Research Center - Shahid Beheshti Medical University (Assistant Professor),
A Kazemian--- Radio therapy oncology specialist – Assistant Professor of Tehran Medical University.,
ME Akbari--- Professor of Surgery- Cancer Research Center – Shahid Beheshti Medical University.




Objective: The policy makers and social managers need some criteria for building up the appropriate health status of the community and observe the equity and equality on it. They have to know the burden of diseases as a main determining factor for decision making, planning and programming. Disability adjusted life years (DALYs) is a criteria which shows the wasted life time due to early death and also wasted time due to disease morbidity and disability. Central nervous system malignancies are important especially in children and estimating the burden of these malignancies in Iran will enable the health policy makers to share the community sources, as appropriate.

Material and Methods: The estimation of burden of disease and risk factors was a national study that began on 2003 by the ministry of Health and Medical education (MOH&ME) after establishing cancer registry in the country. Here by we discussed about the burden of CNS malignancies as a part of this study. This study was performed by a special modelling and new software.  

Results: Due to wasted life time of early death and morbidity, CNS malignancies are the third malignancy in Iran. Year waste in Iranian Population is 0.69 in each 1000 person.

Keywords: CNS malignancies, Burden of disease, DALYs, Iran

Please cite this article as:Zali AR, Abolhassani F, Khayamzadeh M, Moradi Lake M, Jamali A, Salmanian R, et al. Burden of the central nervous system malignancies in Iran 2003. Iran J Cancer Prev. 2008; 1(1): 6-11.


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CNS malignancies, Burden of disease, DALYs, Iran.

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