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Vol 6, No 1(Winter) (2016)

International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Forensic Medicine

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Table of Contents

Original Article

Acute Lithium Intoxication and Factors Contributing to its Morbidity: a 10-Year Review PDF XML
B Mostafazadeh, S Ghotb, F Najari, E Farzaneh 1-6
Psychotropic Agents Poisoning: Analysis of Cases Reported to Shahid Beheshti Drug and Poison Information Center PDF XML
A Esmaily, G Alavian, G Afzal, T Ghane 7-11
Medicolegal Study of Alleged Rape Victim Cases in Mumbai Region PDF XML
S Haridas, S. D. S Nanandkar 12-22
Determination of Sex Using Hand Dimensions PDF XML
P R Varu, C N Gajera, H M Mangal, P M Modi 23-28
Gender Determination Using Diagnostic Values of Foramen Magnum PDF XML
K Aghakhani, N Kazemzadeh, F Ghafurian, B Soltani, S Soltani 29-35

Review Article

Virginity and Virginity Testing: Then and Now PDF XML
M Robatjazi, M Simbar, F Nahidi, J Gharehdaghi, M Emamhadi, A Vedadhair, H Alavimajd 36-43

Case Report

Accidental Death of Construction Worker due to Unintended Nail Gun Discharge: a Case Report PDF XML
AA Al-Habshan, A Al-Emam, M Hamoda 44-46
Meningioma - a Cause of Sudden Death PDF XML
YP Babu Raghavendra, Sh Rai, Sh Bakkannavar M, P H Shetty 47-49
An Unusual Case of Cut-Throat Injury: a Medico-Legal Masquerade PDF XML
A M Bhat, M Shetty, V Tarvadi-Pratik, Sh Suraj S, K Abymon K 50-53
Contrecoup Epidural Haematoma-a Rare Phenomenon: an Autopsy Case Report PDF XML
M G Rao, KR Senthil, D Singh 54-57

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