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Vol 5, No 3(Summer) (2015)

International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Forensic Medicine

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Table of Contents

Original Article

Assessment of Allergic Markers and Atopic Phenotype among Sulfur Mustard Induced Small Airway Diseases with Persistent Wheezes in Iranian Veterans; Post Wartime PDF XML
Kh Agin 117-125
Frequency of Hanging Deaths in Lucknow, India 2008-2012 PDF XML
R Shiuli, P Abhishek, KV Anoop, S Mousami 126-130
Knowledge and Attitudes towards AIDS in Mashhad (Northeast of Iran) Female Sex Workers PDF XML
Z Nikmanesh, S Hasanabadi, MA Emamhadi 131-135
Injury Patterns of Drivers and Other Vehicle Occupants in the Banja Luka Region (Bosnia and Herzegovina) PDF XML
D Nedić, K Lipovac, Ž Karan 136-143
Epidemiology of Poisonings in Shahid Beheshti Hospital in Kashan, Iran PDF XML
R Dehghani, B Fathi, Z Aboo-Saaidi, A Jalalati, M Ramezani, M Nohi 144-150

Systematic Review Article

A Study of Domestic Violence against Women: A Qualitative Meta-Synthesis PDF XML
L Ostadhashemi, M Khalvati, M Seyedsalehi, MA Emamhadi 155-163

Review Article

Propose a Regulatory Framework for Stem Cell Research based on Ethical Guideline PDF XML
Sh Mehrpisheh 151-154

Case Report

Fatal Dog Bite Injury – A Case Report PDF XML
M Chand-Meena, Sh Kumar-Naik, S Mittal, R Band 164-167
Double Murder Following Intoxication with Sedative Drugs PDF XML
M Vidanapathirana, KM Tikiri Bandara Gunathilake 168-170

Letter to the Editor

Medico-Legal Significance of ‘Self-Embedding of Foreign Bodies’ PDF XML
M Vidanapathirana, KM Tikiri Bandara Gunathilake 171-173

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